The Supreme Court gave Vijay Mallya a 4-month prison term



New Delhi, the Supreme Court imposed a 4 month jail term and a Rs. 2000 fine on the wanted businessman Vijay Mallya. Mallya was found in contempt of court in 2017 for withholding information from the judge.

Mallya was further ordered by the court to return USD 40 million with interest in just four weeks, or else his belongings will be taken. In addition, the court fined Mallya Rs 2000.

The Supreme Court noted in a hearing earlier on July 9 that Mallya behaves as “a free person” in the United Kingdom and that no details were presented regarding the processes surrounding Mallya there.
Mallya, according to senior attorney Jaideep Gupta, was found guilty on two counts: neglecting to disclose his assets and breaching express orders of restraint imposed by the Karnataka High Court. Gupta served as the bench’s amicus curiae in the case.

Despite stating that it had waited “long enough” and couldn’t “wait further today,” the top court last year decided to proceed with the hearing on the severity of Mallya’s punishment in the contempt case against him.

Mallya was found in contempt of court after transferring USD 40 million to his children in defiance of the court’s order, and the top court repeatedly demanded his appearance. In the contempt case brought against him, the Supreme Court instructed Mallya two weeks to personally appear in court or through counsel on February 10. If he fails to do so, the Apex court will proceed to the natural conclusion of the case.