The steel industry will develop a time-bound action plan to reduce CO2 emissions



In order to comply with the government’s COP26 commitments, the Ministry of Steel has requested the stakeholders to create a time-bound action plan to cut emissions in the steel industry.

In comparison to the global average of 8%, the iron and steel industry in India is responsible for 12 percent of the country’s overall carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The COP26 climate change summit’s accords require the Indian steel industry to considerably decrease its emissions.

India will reach a goal of net zero emissions by 2070, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared at the COP26 international climate summit in November 2021.

The steel minister, Ram Chandra Prasad Singh, urged the participants in the meeting to “develop a time-bound action plan and undertake coordinated measures for lowering the emissions from the steel industry in keeping with the commitments made by the Government in COP26.”

The current state of affairs, the most effective strategy for promoting the switch to green steel, various techniques and technologies that the steel industry might use to produce green steel, as well as its technological readiness, were also covered.

At the meeting, it was also discussed how to use carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) technology to cut emissions and how to make iron using green hydrogen.