The reading of the Hanuman Chalisa here was penalised



Sehore: In Sehore, Madhya Pradesh, the VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology) University hostel, some other students had protested to the administration about hearing the Hanuman Chalisa being recited there. The university then assessed the pupils with a fine. The university has since released a press release regarding this situation. The students have been urged to uphold the university’s peace and order in this. Maintain discipline and avoid doing the same thing again.

According to a press release from the same university, a group of students gathered in a dorm room made a lot of noise because it was quiet outside. Following that, the neighbouring students who were studying for the test on campus were disturbed. The hostel’s disciplinary committee questioned it. It was discovered that there had been a large gathering and loud noises had been made. There were issues with other students in the dorm. In light of this, the students have been urged to adhere to university rules and regulations and help preserve a calm and orderly environment.

Twenty students have performed the Hanuman Chalisa collectively in the VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology) hostel room in the same district. Some of the kids voiced their complaints to the administration. The 7 pupils who had been leading the group of students were then issued fine notices by the management. This announcement caused a heated discussion.