The poisoning of 9 members of the doctor’s family resulted in their deaths



In Maharashtra’s Sangli district, nine members of the same family committed suicide by eating poison on Monday. According to reports, the incident occurred in Mhaisal village, Nantagart taluka, Miraj. Dr. Manik Yalappa Vanmore is said to have a self-sacrificing family. The motive for the family’s suicide remains unknown. According to the original investigation, the occurrence was caused by financial restrictions. The family was believed to be stressed owing to financial difficulties, and as a result, everyone drank poison together and committed suicide.

Dr. Manik Yelappa Vanmore, Akkatai Onemore (Mother), Rekha Manik Vanore (Wife), Pratima Vanmore (Daughter), Aditya Vanmore (Son), Popat Yelappa Onemore (Teacher), Archana Vanmore (Wife), Sangeeta Vanmore (Daughter), Shubham Vanmore (Son) and Popat Yelappa Onemore (Teacher) are (Son). The incident caused a stir in the Mhaisal neighbourhood. Whoever had received the information had already left for the location.

At the scene, a big crowd of police and citizens gathered. The bodies are being post-mortemed at Mirza’s government hospital, according to police. Three of the nine victims were discovered at the same location, according to Sangli district Superintendent of Police Dikhit Gedam. Six more bodies were discovered in various parts of the house. There were four ladies and five men among the dead.