The mother of a rioter publicly threatened Prime Minister Narendra Modi



Ranchi: There was another disclosure in the violence that occurred in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, on Friday, June 10, 2022. A WhatsApp group was formed, according to the police, to mobilise the crowd for the violence. The term ‘Wassepur Gang’ was given to this outfit. The group’s administrator is being sought by the police.

Wasseypur is a town in Jharkhand, located near Ranchi in the Dhanbad district. In June 2012, a Bollywood film was released in the name of this location, with the intention of portraying it as a haven for criminals. According to local media, there have also been allegations of a violent mob firing in Ranchi as a result of the demonstration. A forensic team is on its way to the scene to investigate. As a result, a bullet shot in a pillar was extracted and taken with the team for testing.

On the other side, Mudassir’s mother, who was murdered as a result of violence, has threatened the police. “Bullying isn’t going to work anymore,” he stated in an interview. Will he put on a uniform and become a goon? Have you considered not filing a police report? I’ll take it one step at a time. We will not allow them to live in peace unless they file a FIR in every case. What method did you use to assassinate my babu? Islam Zindabad was all he said. Is it true that the government ordered them (police officers) to shoot everyone who said Islam Zindabad? My son had just finished his tenth grade exam and was also taking computer classes. “There was a tiny kid there,” Mudassir’s mother added. No one was particularly large. Was Modi the one who told him to shoot him? This is something we’d like to see on every channel. Otherwise, you folks will be considered Modi’s dalla. My heart is on fire today. Was it possible that my youngster was biting someone’s hair? Why did you open fire on Muslims? Do you believe that by growing Modi’s army to one crore men, he will be able to apprehend the Muslims? He’ll never be able to accomplish this. Only one of the children has left. To behead me, ten youngsters are standing beside me. I’m not looking for remuneration; instead, I’m looking for life. I’d like to see the person who murdered my child put to death. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cop or a temple bell ringer. Modi, you’ve chosen the wrong woman.” “Islam was zindabad and Islam will remain zindabad,” the women said in the same video with Mudassir’s mother. 100 Mudassir will be born if one Mudassir is martyred. He’ll do it while still alive. All of the other castes are present, and they must all come to an end at some point. Islam will continue to exist. Islam is the only thing that keeps the globe alive. This world will exist as long as Islam exists.” Finally, Mudassir’s mother sent a warning to the journalists. “Every single word of mine should be broadcast on all television stations,” he stated. I’ll catch you media people if a single word is missed. Here, too, my people are recording. Don’t come back and say, “Why did you capture me?” His statement is still being debated around the world.