The Karnataka High Court affirms the civil judge’s forced retirement



BENGALURU: The Karnataka High Court has upheld the decision ordering a civil judge’s mandatory retirement after a judge was caught in the act while signing order sheets from the previous day during a surprise visit from the Principal District Judge.

The panel led by Justice P.S. Dinesh Kumar issued the order on Wednesday and remarked that judges were known for their high standards of probity and honesty.

“Procedures that have not yet taken place in court should not be recorded on the order sheet. Judges are judicial officers, and engaging in such behaviour is not appropriate. In court cases, plaintiffs present their cases with the utmost assurance. If this is permitted, the proceedings won’t be considered sacrosanct “Dinesh Kumar, the judge, made a note.

The bench rejected the argument Shivanand Laxman Anchi made in this regard. The inquiry report states that the accused civil judge neither subjected the witnesses to a cross-examination nor did he offer proof in his favour.

The Principal District Judge said that the Civil Judge did not sign the attendance registrar and that the Civil Judge was signing order papers that were typed on a computer and marking the date from the previous day. The bench clerk acknowledged having the order typed in accordance with oral directions when questioned.