The internet is flooded with DIY ‘healthy Coke,’ but is it actually beneficial?


Many people can’t get enough of Coke’s almost-addictive flavour, and they drink it both with their meals and on its own. It is, however, regarded exceedingly unhealthy because to its high sugar content, and doctors warn against drinking it in excess.

As a result, a TikTok user recently shared a recipe for ‘healthy coke,’ which she said she learnt from her Pilates trainer. “I’m not joking, it tastes exactly like a Coke, and you’re going to think I’m crazy,” Amanda said as she mixed the contents together.

She blended balsamic vinegar, ice, and a sparkling beverage to make this drink. She declared, “I swear to God, that tastes like Coke.”

Is this, however, a truly nutritious beverage? Nutritionists are divided on the subject.

“Enjoy your Coke/diet,” remarked Mihira A R Khopkar, a sports nutritionist. Coke as it is, gladly, while keeping quantity quantities and frequency in mind. Balsamic vinegar and other vinegars should be reserved for salad dressings and/or sautéed vegetables. They’ll harm your teeth if you drink them.”

Karishma Shah, PhD, integrative health nutritionist and holistic life coach, concurs. “This isn’t going to taste anything like Coke.” If you really want to drink Coca-Cola, go ahead and do it. However, doing it the method depicted in the video is bad for you since it damages your teeth’s enamel. You’ll need to drink it via a straw because consuming a lot of vinegar straight from the bottle/glass will hurt your teeth,” she explained.

Shah recommended diluting a spoonful of vinegar in water and drinking it before meals to learn the proper method to ingest vinegar. “This will help regulate insulin levels, reduce inflammation, promote better skin, and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes,” she explained.

According to Khopkar, viral trends come and go and “never outshine the outcomes or benefits of a lifestyle programme.” “Focusing on calorie quantity and quality, nutritional timing, and portion control, as well as the foundation pillars of consistency, determination, and patience, will deliver long-term health advantages,” she stated.