The Great Khali was slapped on the beach road by toll plaza patrons in the following video



This time, Dalip Singh Rana, a former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) champion, was observed attacking toll booth employees. There was a real fight; it wasn’t staged. In reality, a Khali video is becoming very popular on social media.

This video purports to show Khali slapping the toll booth worker for requesting an ID card. Khali claims that the workers are extorting him in the video. It occurred because a worker got into the car to take pictures.

In actuality, the incident happened as the Great Khali was travelling from Jalandhar to Karnal. This is when the toll booth video near Phillor is being told. According to Khali, a worker was getting into the vehicle to take pictures. The refusal was the subject of a disagreement. The remaining staff members then arrived, encircled their car, and began extorting them. As a result, the wrestler Khali got out of his vehicle, took down the fence, and drove away. As a worker attempts to stop Khali from lifting the barrier, the professional wrestler grabs him and drags him away. Let me inform you that The Great Khali also serves as the BJP’s leader. He didn’t, though.