The daughter grew tearful when she thought of KK…



The untimely death of bollywood’s legendary vocalist Krishna Kumar Kunnath or KK has left not just the music business in mourning, but also all those close to him alone. His departure is being described as a major tragedy for KK’s family. The absence of father KK hurt his children the most on June 19. Father’s Day was observed by people all across the world on this day. KK’s daughter Tamara recalled him on Father’s Day in such a setting.

Tamara, KK’s daughter, submitted an emotional message: Please let us know that Tamara, KK’s daughter, is also a singer and composer. She’s posted a lot of old images from her childhood on Instagram with KK. In addition, he has produced an extremely emotive post, one of whose lines will make anyone cry. KK is seen in the images holding his son Nakul and daughter Tamara on his back. Tamara is seen sitting on her father’s knee in another photo. In addition, he has published images of his mother and father together.

“I will suffer the anguish of losing you 100 times if I find you even for a second as my father,” Tamara wrote about her father KK. Dad, life without you is a bleak place to be. You were the cutest and kindest father in the world, always hugging us when we returned home after concerts. I’m missing you. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten with you. I miss our laugh-a-thons. I miss our late-night snacking sessions in the kitchen. I recall showing you some of my musical and vocal ideas. I’m missing your response. ‘I miss being able to touch your hand.’