The cottage only has two bulbs, and the electricity bill is one lakh rupees



Mumbai: A poor farmer in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, received a charge for $11,380 in electricity from the local electrical authority. The farmer lost his footing because the bill was only valid for one month. The farmer actually resides in a modest hut and lacks any appliances that require energy, including a refrigerator, TV, fan, or cooler. There are only 2 bulbs, and they are off the entire time. The farmer was nevertheless sent a bill for millions of rupees after this.

In a fit of wrath, the distraught farmer ran right to the energy department’s office and informed the staff of the situation. The officials reduced the electricity bill while ordering a payment of 44,290 rupees. However, the farmer claims that he was not informed of the reason why he was handed such a large cost. He does, however, reside in a modest hut. The farmer claims that he has only consumed 20 units of power. How can the electricity bill reach to 1 lakh 380 rupees under such circumstances? No representative from the electrical agency is open to discussing this.

Kantu Kotnake, the victim’s nephew, reported that his older father’s electrical bill for one month totaled Rs 1 lakh 380. There isn’t a refrigerator, a fan, or any other electronic device in the house. The dwelling only has two or three bulbs. His farm is in poverty. Therefore, my uncle is really concerned about how he would pay the amount.