The BJP MLA’s recommendation to store owners is to “keep two boxes of stones and two firearms”



Muzaffarnagar: In the Uttar Pradesh district of Muzaffarnagar, social media users are currently debating a contentious statement made by BJP MLA Vikram Singh Saini. In fact, his remark is going viral like crazy, and in it, the MLAs are seen advising the merchants on how to safeguard themselves. Yes, the MLA claims that “protecting lives from attack is part of the culture.” I also want to make a pitch to the business owners, saying that I don’t care if I print it on paper or broadcast it on television. I have been invincible for five years, and I have no desire to go.

He added, “The retailers should store one or two crates of stone in their shops,” to this. They maintain two firearms and four shovel boxes. How long will the police be on the job? When the cops arrive, they set fire to your shops, so where are they? In addition, the MLA added, “They set houses on fire. Let me speak now; this is a long-overdue number. Stabbings and shootings are occurring, and one instance ought to put everything in perspective. This Jat Gujjar Saini, you convert to Hinduism and take up Hindu nationalism. Muslims should also develop their patriotism.

With this, the MLA remarked, “I have been denied the right to speak,” on the Udaipur incident. What Nupur said about whatever occurred in Udaipur. In addition, they claim that everyone has the right to free speech in a democracy. No matter how strongly you may express your disapproval of the gods, it is your right. The neck is severed if someone else speaks. Come together if you want to preserve the neck.