The best long hair buns that anyone can do themselves


Our love-hate connection with our tresses is established by the pride of having long hair and the inconvenience of maintaining them constantly. But when it comes to flaunting our locks in front of friends or complete strangers on the street, the strain of preserving our locks is worth every agonising second. The sight of people gawking in wonder at your hair is always enjoyable. The ability to create a variety of fashionable hairstyles that are appropriate for every event, in our opinion, is a definite benefit of having long hair.

Homemade bun hairstyles that you can try
One of the most comfortable and simple hairstyles for long hair is a bun. This hairdo complements all of your moods and circumstances, from classy French buns to effortless messy buns. Here are a few hairstyles for buns that you can learn at home.

Step 1 of Claw Clip Bun:

Your hair should be twisted downward.

Step 2:

Bring your hair down and wrap it around the claw clip starting at the bottom.

Step 3:

The remaining hair should now be twisted and inserted beneath the claw clip. The picture up top depicts the final appearance.

Step 1: Juda Stick or Pencil Bun

As seen in the image above, take a Juda stick or pencil, and twist your hair twice around it.

Step 2:

If you still have any spare hair, twist and wrap it around the stick or pencil to conceal it.

Step 3:

As illustrated above, grab the Juda stick or pencil and push it down while tightly wrapping your hair around it.

Step 1: Loose Rubber Band and Claw Clip

Twist your hair and secure it in a low bun using a thin rubber band.

Step 2:

Let your hair fall and loosen the bun.

Step 3:

Tie a claw clip to your loose bun, then pull it up. The picture up top depicts the final appearance.