“The 150 Congress workers who ate ‘lunch’ by declaring, ‘We will Support Rahul Gandhi,’ vanished “



Udaipur City District Congress Committee of Ra Jasthan held a day-long workshop at Radhika Nikunj in Jaipur. A large number of city officials and personnel had gathered at the workshop. At the workshop, more than 150 office bearers and labourers ate lunch. Following that, all congress office bearers and workers were supposed to march to the district collectorate to demonstrate in support of Rahul Gandhi, but only 40 office bearers and workers showed up.

The Dehat Congress Committee hosted a workshop on the second day to explore the implementation of the New Sankalp Manifesto. More than 350 office-bearers from across the country attended the event, which was hosted at the orbit resort and included a magnificent lunch for all. Following this, a rally in support of Rahul Gandhi was held outside the Udaipur district collectorate, however on the second day, only 100 of the 350 employees who had been slain after lunch on the first day made it to the collector’s office. In such a case, the question is posed as to how the general public will trust a party that is being defrauded by its employees.

Let us know that congress members and workers are protesting the grilling of Rahul Gandhi across the country. However, after noon, Congress party workers in Udaipur vanished rather than join the demonstration. Please be advised that Congress workers across the country are up in arms over Rahul Gandhi’s call for Ed’s notice and questioning. Today, Congress workers in Delhi set fire to cars on the road. In this situation, the issue is: if Rahul Gandhi is innocent, why is the interrogation so upsetting to the entire Congress?