The 14th BRICS meeting will address current global challenges today



Prime Minister Narendra Modi will virtually attend the 14th BRICS summit in NEW DELHI. According to a statement issued on Wednesday by the Russian Embassy in India, the BRICS member nations will assess current global concerns and reach significant agreements at the 14th BRICS summit, which China will virtually host on June 23 and 24.

India “On the invitation of President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will virtually participate in the 14th BRICS Summit, which will take place in China on June 23–24, 2022. A High-Level Dialogue on Global Development with visiting countries will take place on June 24.” The Ministry of External Affairs declared in a statement.
The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa will review the state of various political, economic, cultural, and humanitarian links, the Embassy reports.

“Another strategy is to review the present regional and global problems. Important agreements will be explicitly stated in the BRICS summit’s final Declaration. On June 24, Vladimir Putin will also speak at a BRICS Plus gathering with the heads of six invited countries. “It was quite good.

BRICS Plus virtual conference involving ministers from countries including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Argentina, Nigeria, Senegal, and Thailand was part of the main summit on May 23, according to reports.

With the goal of expanding the group’s membership and enhancing economic conditions, BRICS Plus is a new phase in the organization’s development. The potential for BRICS to advance economies as a whole is already widely known.