Teacher’s body recovered in well after friend was slain by calling for dinner



Lucknow: A young teacher’s body from the Hardoi area of Uttar Pradesh was found in a well not far from the city’s centre. Six days earlier, the teacher received an invitation to the dinner from his friends. Since then, he has gone missing. The body has been submitted to a post-mortem by police. The body was discovered, according to the police, in an orchard’s well in Raipur Village, Thana Mal, Lucknow. The teacher’s family claims that his pals abducted and killed him under the pretence of giving him dinner.

The two pals have been detained by police, who are questioning them. He was allegedly killed by the teacher’s pals over an issue of love and affection, according to police. The police claim that on August 3, Sarvesh, a resident of Pipri Narayanpur in the Atrauli police station area of Hardoi, went with his pals Dinesh and Surendra to Eat Mal Lucknow Daawat in the Veerpur police station area. His family started searching for him when he failed to get home. There was no reaction when questions were also directed at Sarvesh’s friends. Sattidin, the father of Sarvesh, then reported the two companions to the police for kidnapping.

The family of Sarvesh discovered his body in a 30-foot-deep well in a mango plantation near Raipur, three kilometres from Veerpur, even after the case was filed. The Atrauli and Mal police stations’ officers arrived at the scene with the family. A rope was used to help yank the body out of the dry well. The body has utterly deteriorated. The body was sent to Sandila for an autopsy by the police.

The deceased, according to the police, was a former private instructor at Pachkaria Devi Inter College in Atrauli Har. The murder was allegedly committed during a love affair with a girl, according to police. The autopsy results are currently being awaited by the police. The two people implicated by the deceased’s father are being questioned, according to Hardoi Additional Superintendent of Police Anil Kumar. We are gathering proof. The guilty will face heavy penalties.