Tanuja, Kajol’s mother, was frequently scolding her as a child, and she claims the actor was ‘lost in her own world


Kajol, the Bollywood actress, will appear on Kon Honaar Crorepati, the Marathi version of Kaun Banega Crorepati. She’ll sit across presenter Sachin Khedekar from her mother Tanuja to play the game. While the episode will run on June 11, the actress took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a series of videos from the set showing the mother-daughter combo having a good time.

When the host greets Kajol and Tanuja in the first video, he says he’ll ask questions in Marathi. Kajol says that she is not nervous in the least. When Sachin asks if that’s the case, she first responds yes before hugging Tanuja and wailing ‘Mummy.’ The host and the crowd are both laughing out loud at her antics.

In the following video, the My Name Is Khan star talks about how her mother Tanuja would reprimand her. Tanuja vows she would never listen to her, while Sachin Khedekar watches on in awe. “She’d be immersed in her own world all the time.” And if you tell her something, she’ll gaze at you with her wide eyes,” the Marathi actor said. When the presenter asked Kajol if she was ever afraid of her mother as a child, she said yes, prompting Tanuja to scoff and exclaim, “Liar.”

Kajol also discusses her decision to work in films, revealing that she had no desire to do so. “I’ve always desired a job that would pay me on a monthly basis,” she tells the presenter. Sachin says he’s delighted she came to the movies since he would have missed out on a lot of her wonderful work if she hadn’t. “Think about the folks at her office,” Tanuja said, pulling her daughter’s leg. Kajol laughs heartily as she hears her remark.

The actor will also share some amusing personal and professional anecdotes. She’ll describe how she and her sister Tanishaa went to the doctor to get Tanishaa’s eyes examined. Kajol was tested and found to have minus three power, despite having a small power. Her mother would chuckle when she tells you that her older daughter’s life was always ‘out of focus,’ and she didn’t give a damn about her poor eyesight.

Kajol will then giggle as she relates how every time she fell on the set of a movie, it became a smash. “I fell down during My Name Is Khan, and everyone started clapping and cheering.” “At the very least, help me stand up,” she’ll share.