Suhana Khan sees her twin on her vacation in Dubai; view pictures of her trip with her mother Gauri and best friend Shanaya Kapoor


Suhana Khan is on vacation in Dubai, where she meets Bareeha, her identical twin. Comments about the Instagram influencer’s resemblance to Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter are frequent. Bareeha posted a picture of herself and Suhana on Instagram. “Finally met my doppelgänger @suhanakhan2,” the caption read. For all the individuals who keep sending me her photographs in my DMs, here is a side-by-side comparison.

The Kapoor sisters are making the most of their time while they are in Dubai. The BFFs are getting set for their Bollywood debuts, and while Shanaya has already begun filming for her first film Bedhadak, Suhana has already begun filming for her first feature The Archies. The two close friends treated themselves at a Dubai beauty bar while they were apart. On social media, pictures from their self-care day were posted.

This was also posted on Shanaya’s Instagram. She also met an Instagram influencer with the handle Bareeha who is frequently mistaken for her twin. The influencer captioned the image, “Finally met my doppelgänger @suhanakhan2,” and posted it online. For all the individuals who keep sending me her photographs in my DMs, here is a side-by-side comparison.

Along with their mothers, Gauri Khan and Maheep Kapoor, they are on vacation there. Additionally contributing pictures from the vacation are Gauri and Maheep. Maheep most recently appeared in Fabulous Loves of Bollywood Wives, and today is supposed to be the premiere of Gauri’s new home décor programme.

Suhana and her mother Gauri Khan just left Mumbai. At the airport, she also posed while holding a fan.

The actor has spent the last few months filming for her first movie with Zoya Akhtar. The movie, which is based on the adored Archies comics, also stars Khushi Kapoor and Agastya Nanda. The film’s casting director, Nandini Shrikent, discussed the casting of famous children earlier. Any industry you look at, the next generation takes over, she told The Quint. If someone is a good fit for the position, they should be given the chance. It’s not as though we randomly chose a celebrity youngster for the role. Every single one of them is absolutely ideal for the part they have been given. She stated that the casting for the movie adhered to “a proper casting process.” “Many candidates for the posts were tested. We didn’t just hand these roles to the three famous children and say, “Here they are!” A lot of people took tests for other roles before this position opened up, she noted.