Subsidy Targeting, Financially Sound Municipalities, and a Manufacturing Hub are among the ideas on the table for India in 2047.


According to News18, some of the ideas being discussed in the sectoral groups of secretaries working on envisioning targets to be achieved by India by 2047 include narrowing down on sectors where India can emerge as a global champion, ensuring efficient subsidy targeting, and making states and municipalities financially robust.

This project was performed by the Narendra Modi government to envisage what India may achieve by 2047, when it will celebrate 100 years of independence. Ten sectoral groups of secretaries (SGoS) from various industries have been working on a path to get there by 2047.

Agriculture, infrastructure, resources, welfare, social development, finance and economy, commerce and industry, technology, governance, security, and foreign affairs are among the topics on which the SGoS is working.

In December 2021, News18 was the first to report on the government’s plans to prepare a vision statement outlining aims to be fulfilled by 2047 with specific timelines.

Last month, Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba and the CEO of Niti Aayog met with secretaries of state and chief secretaries of states to discuss the structural reforms that will be implemented as part of the [email protected] exercise.

Officials familiar with the discussions told News18 that aims to be met by 2047 included identifying sectors where India can emerge as a worldwide champion, developing a framework to make India a manufacturing and global trade powerhouse, and finding sectors where India can emerge as a global champion. Senior officials also emphasised the importance of comprehensive brainstorming for the [email protected] exercise, which includes gap analysis and benchmarking against the best in the world.

Making states and municipalities financially robust, developing public sector firms, eliminating inequities, and implementing efficient subsidy targeting were also on the table for 2047.

As part of the vision document for 2047, the necessity for above-average per capita income, solid public finances and financial services sector, and economic autonomy were also considered.

The importance of states in the redesign of India’s policies and regulations in line with the [email protected] goals was also stressed during the discussion. According to a senior official, the Niti Aayog sought feedback from all states so that it could be incorporated in the roadmap that the 10 SGoS will prepare to meet the 2047 targets.

The meeting’s chief secretaries also proposed modifications to be implemented as part of the exercise. Civil service and judicial changes, education system reformation, and a happiness index are just a few of the goals suggested by the chief secretaries for the next 25 years.

Last month, A report that 40 young award-winning government employees, seed-stage and young entrepreneurs, and IIT faculty members are working on the design for [email protected] Government officials are studying administrative reforms in three nations — the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Korea — in order to incorporate their best practises into the plan, and meetings with their representatives have taken place.