Soybean and rice bran oil prices are reduced by Mother Dairy


A day after the government instructed edible oil firms to pass along the benefits of the decline in global cooking oil prices to consumers, Mother Dairy said on Thursday that it had reduced the prices of soyabean and rice bran oils by up to Rs 14 per litre.

Under the Dhara brand, Mother Dairy, one of the major providers of milk in Delhi-NCR, offers edible oils.

We further decreased the MRP of Dhara Soyabean Oil and Dhara Ricebran Oil by up to Rs 14 per litre, which will be available in the market by next week, a company spokeswoman told PTI. “Passing on the advantages of the government’s assistance afterwards to the consumers,” the spokesperson added.

Dhara Refined Soyabean Oil (Poly Pack) would now cost Rs 180 per litre as opposed to Rs 194 per litre at the previous price.

Dhara Refined Ricebran Oil (Poly Pack) would now cost Rs 185 per litre as opposed to Rs 194 per litre.

In the upcoming 15–20 days, it anticipates a decrease in the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) of sunflower oil.

Due to a lowering of rates in the international markets on June 16, Mother Dairy lowered the price of their cooking oils by up to Rs 15 per litre.

The government issued a directive to edible oil producers on Wednesday to further reduce the maximum retail price (MRP) of imported cooking oils by up to Rs 10 per litre within a week and maintain a consistent MRP of the same brand of oil throughout the nation. This directive followed a decline in global prices.