Sonia Gandhi and Rahul don’t need permission to run in the Cong presidential election, according to the party


The Congress said on Wednesday that, if there is no agreement on who should lead the grand old party, no one needs the approval of either its president, Sonia Gandhi, or its leader, Rahul Gandhi, to run in its presidential elections, which are set to be held next month.

Speaking to the media between the first and second legs of the day’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, AICC General Secretary in Charge of Communications Jairam Ramesh remarked, “Anyone is free and welcome to participate in the election if they have the endorsement of 10 PCC delegates.” “No one needs Rahul Gandhi or the Congress president’s approval to submit a nomination. There will be fair and open voting. Elections are not held by any other political party in the nation to choose its leader. Ramesh concurrently stated his support for choosing the party president through consensus in accordance with the Kamraj model.

He cited the illustrious Congressman K. Kamaraj’s “perspective,” which was to “speak to everyone and find a reasonable consensus pick” to lead the party.

In response to the question of who would be entering the fray, Ramesh responded he had no idea who would all compete, but he most surely would not.

He added that he is uncertain as to whether Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot will submit his nomination or what will take place in that state if he does.

He continued, “The Congress party has a framework in place to handle such instances.

Regarding Gandhi’s plans, Ramesh, a Wayanad MP, claimed that since September 23 was a rest day for the yatra, Gandhi’s trip to Delhi would be to see his ailing mother, who recently undergone testing.

“He hasn’t seen his mother in the past two to three weeks. He is a human being as well. If your mother is ill, will you still visit her? My current knowledge indicates that if he travels to Delhi, it will be to see his mother rather than to submit the nomination, Ramesh added.

Gehlot, one of the potential front-runners for the position and a party pick, is anticipated to arrive here in the evening to meet Rahul Gandhi amidst the continuous speculation about who will all run in the Congress’ presidential elections.

On the first leg of the day’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, which stopped at Edappally at around 10 AM, Gandhi was joined by Sachin Pilot, the party’s head and Gehlot’s fiercest adversary in Rajasthan politics. Sachin Pilot is already in Kerala.

Gehlot is anticipated to join the yatra on Thursday, according to sources within the Congress party.

Gehlot is seen as the front-runner for the position since he has the support and confidence of the current administration. Shashi Tharoor, a member of the G-23, is likely to oppose Gehlot because he has declared his intention to run.

However, the chief minister of Rajasthan has so far denied that he is a contender and stated that he will work to persuade Gandhi to run.

In addition, he had informed Congress MLAs that they will be asked to travel to New Delhi if he chooses to submit his name for the party president election.

The notification-issuing phase of the election process for the Congress president will start on September 22, and the nomination-filing phase will run from September 25 to September 30. On October 17, the election will take place, and the results will be announced two days later.