Son of a tailor killed in Udaipur: “Father wasn’t provided security, but we should”


The family of Kanhaiya Lal Teli, the tailor who was fatally hacked on June 28 in Udaipur, has asked for police protection.

“We’ve asked for security. Security was not offered to my father, but it ought to be. Kanhaiya Lal’s son Yash Teli stated on Thursday, “We have been promised of the same. The culprit “should not be handed anything less than a death sentence,” according to Yash, 20.

Yash made his speech the day after Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot paid a visit to his family. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) should take up this case in a fast track court, Gehlot told reporters after the meeting. So that punishment can be meted out, the charge sheet needs to be submitted as quickly as feasible. The way the situation unfolded has shocked the nation. The police and Special Operations Group (SOG) performed an excellent job of catching the accused.

On June 28, two men attacked Kanhaiya Lal inside his store and killed him with a knife, purportedly because he had posted on social media in support of Nupur Sharma, a suspended BJP spokeswoman who had made offensive comments against the Prophet Mohammad.

Yash, who owns a different store in the Hiran Magri neighbourhood of Udaipur, filed the FIR in this instance.

In a video they posted, the attackers can be seen having one of them, later identified as Riyaz, measured by Kanhaiya Lal, who owned “Supreme Tailors” in the Hathi Pole neighbourhood of Udaipur. Later, while the victim asks, “Kya hua? “, the man is seen using a cleaver to attack the tailor on his neck. Toh sahi Batao (What happened? Inform me).

The investigation has so far shown that the second attacker, Ghouse Mohammad, had visited Karachi in 2014 and was associated with Da’wat-e-Islami (DeI), a Sunni Barelvi proselytising organisation created in Pakistan.