Sister who was in love with her brother declared, “I will only wed my brother”



In the Madhya Pradesh area of Rajgarh, a peculiar situation has surfaced. Yes, a boy and a girl had a relationship here that ended with them meeting at a temple. Yes, however at this point the girl’s family became aware of what was happening, and they later apprehended the boy and one of his buddies and tied them to the tree. The village residents severely beat both of them. Both were saved and taken to the Kotwali by the police, who arrived in response to the information. The girl was outraged over the occurrence and ingested poison at the same time. She was then taken to the hospital. The hospital discovered that the boy and the girl are related as siblings at the same time. According to information about this case, a lad from a nearby village and an 18-year-old girl from a village in the Rajgarh district initially became friends before falling in love.

According to the story in this instance, the boy and a friend arrived to the Jalpa temple to meet the girl after she left her home to meet the boy. Both of them wandered off after arriving here, and the girl’s family members arrived nearby to look for her. They observed the two of them together throughout this time, and with the assistance of the villagers, the girl’s family was able to apprehend the lads, beat them, and tie them to a tree outside the hamlet. The girl who was harmed in this incident returned home at the same time and drank insecticide, which made her condition worse. Her relatives transported her to the Rajgarh district hospital, where she is receiving treatment, on this day in a severe condition.

In this instance, both adolescents claim that they were bound to the tree at 4:00 p.m. and held there until 9:45 p.m. The police arrived in the night as soon as they had knowledge about the situation, rescued both of the teenagers, and took them to the Kotwali at the district headquarters. The cops are currently looking into the situation. The boyfriend and girlfriend, however, appear to be brothers and sisters in the relationship, and the girl is of Jethani and the guy is of Devrani. This information was learned by the boy and girl’s families when they arrived at the local hospital following the tragedy. The girl who was just admitted to the hospital declares that she only wants to marry that boy at this time. She is threatening to kill herself if she doesn’t. However, the police have currently begun their investigation by gathering the girl’s statement.