Shehnaaz mentioned this endearing thing after eating Japanese food with her hands



Shehnaaz Gill has a knack for charming her followers with her sweetness. Her simplicity and charm are showcased in a recent video that has gone viral online. In the video, ‘Bigg Boss’ famed Punjabi actress is seen eating Japanese food with her hands. Shehnaaz Gill explains in this video how much she enjoys the Japanese delicacy sushi and is shown eating it with her hands.

On the one hand, Shehnaaz Gill is seen eating with her hands without any hesitation, but many Bollywood actresses begin to stop the show as soon as they see the camera. While the majority of actors avoid eating in front of the camera, Shehnaaz Gill is shown taking pleasure in eating in the manner of her native country while keeping her heart open. Media reports claim that one of her social media videos in which she is seen waiting for sushi with her crew while sitting in the vanity and urging them to place their order as quickly as possible has gone viral.

Shehnaaz Gill is seen in the video eating Japanese food with her hands. While being instructed to use chopsticks by her team. Shehnaaz is heard saying in this very straightforward manner that she does not know how to eat from all of these items. She would rather eat it by hand like a Golgappa. Shehnaaz Gill observed the man seated next to him eating with chopsticks and commented, “Look how well she is eating.” After that, Shehnaaz Gill is seen dipping her food in chutney to eat it.