Sharad Pawar is outraged and asks the minister, “How did we have no intelligence on the flight of rebels?”


Sharad Pawar, the head of the NCP, is said to have expressed his “serious displeasure” to state Home Minister Dilip Walse-Patil and state party chief Jayant Patil over the state Home ministry and Intelligence department’s failure to inform the MVA leadership about rebel Shiv Sena MLAs fleeing Maharashtra for a safe haven in BJP-ruled Gujarat.

Shambhuraj Desai, MoS (Home), is incidentally one of the dissident MLAs.

According to sources, Walse-Patil and Jayant Patil visited Pawar on Wednesday at his Mumbai home. Since the Home department is led by his party leader, the NCP chairman, who was in Delhi, returned to Mumbai late on Tuesday and was outraged by the “intelligence failure.”

Pawar is furious. He voiced his discontent to the leaders of his party. When so many MLAs, including ministers, were moving around, he questioned why the state intelligence department could not inform the administration, according to sources.

According to an official, the Special Protection Unit (SPU) accompanying a lawmaker with police protection is typically expected to notify senior officers when the lawmaker relocates to another state.

According to Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), police escorts providing security are required to alert superiors that they are carrying firearms “so that there is no difficulty in another state,” the officer stated.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray receives a daily briefing, according to a senior minister who asked to be unnamed in this article. In addition, the Home Minister is informed of all significant developments.

More than two dozen MLAs, including three Ministers of State, and Sena rebel leader Eknath Shinde, a minister, travelled from Mumbai to Surat on Monday, but it appeared that the CMO was unaware of their route.

According to reports, Pawar was horrified that the MVA leadership had fallen asleep while such a sizable group of Sena rebels moved from one state to another.