Sharad Kelkar’s friend wanted to smack him during Operation Romeo; he explains why in an interview


With his most recent performance, Operation Romeo, Sharad Kelkar made the audience furious for all the right reasons. He portrays the avaricious and evil police officer Mangesh Jhadav in the Hindi version of the Malayalam film Ishq. The Shashant Shah-directed movie, which debuted in April of this year, later appeared on Netflix. The film is currently prepared for its September 24 world television premiere on &pictures.

Sharad, the star of the movie and its high point, opens up about his concerns with playing the tough, menacing part on television. “I visited the office of film producer Neeraj Pandey sir a few days after the movie was shot. I told him, “I can’t do it, it’s too difficult,” or “I can’t do it, it’s too hard.” Even our director acknowledged how difficult the character is for someone like me because I don’t remember even the slightest detail of the occurrence. I confessed, “I have no idea what I’m doing. I find it repulsive. ‘People will beat me with their slippers,’ said the speaker. Neeraj Sir unexpectedly said, “If you are feeling so, it’s working for the film.

After its premiere, the movie spoke for itself, especially after Sharad got the kind of feedback he was hoping for. Following the viewing of the movie, many of my friends called me. They said, “Man kar raha tha ek chatta maru tujhe (I want to smack you),” despite knowing who I am. They were pleased with how I performed. Not that I was concerned with the movie. But even though the persona caused me a lot of stress during those 20 to 30 days of filming, it was worth it.

Sharad rejects the theory of method acting. “Every performer operates in a unique way. I act really spontaneously. I don’t practise a lot since it can get boring. But how was he affected by portraying such a challenging role as Mangesh Jhadav? “I felt really shallow about myself and was repulsed. The entire movie was recorded at night. I used to wonder what the hell I was doing on the drive home after packing up. My daughter is eight years old, and I am her father. The agony and process are just a part of being an actor; they are just a part of life. For me, it was quite painful.

Operation Romeo has been compared to a hybrid of mainstream and independent films. Sharad responded when asked which one he preferred personally, saying, “You don’t get to choose which picture is commercial or which one is parallel. Films like Paan Singh Tomar, which no one thought could be a smash commercially, occasionally find success. similar to Gangs of Wasspur He doesn’t distinguish between commercial and art-house films when acting.

Many people think Bollywood is going through a tough time as a result of the continued box office failure of Hindi films whereas South films have thrived on the Hindi circuit. Does this imply that more South remakes will be made in an effort to change the situation? Remakes of the South have always existed. It’s getting attention right now since Hindi movies aren’t doing well. But as you’ll see, not all South Asian movies are successful in Hindi. We had successful films last year like RRR, KGF Chapter 2, Pushpa, and Vikram. There could be a variety of reasons why Hindi commercial cinema is failing.

“In my opinion, consumers have gotten habituated to consuming entertainment from home during the past two to three years. To get them to the theatre, we must offer them something truly remarkable. The practise of going to the movies has vanished. The actor has faith that everything will return to normal gradually.

“Big screens are the only way to fully appreciate many of a movie’s technical components. With Brahmastra, audiences are visiting theatres. Thank God and Vikram Vedha are travelling, said Sharad. Sharad explained that celebrity reviews of a movie are irrelevant amid conflicting perspectives on Brahmastra’s box office performance. “The actors will watch a movie together because they are close friends. The movie is a success if people are watching it. They produce the movie.

According to earlier speculations, Sharad and Prabhas will likely reunite for Om Raut’s magnum opus, Adipurush. For his popular Baahubali series, he provided Prabhas’ voice. “It is very early to talk about,” he revealed. I haven’t talked about it much, so I really can’t comment. The rumours are just that—rumors—and they keep spreading. I’m not entirely sure. It’s too early to consider it at all. Much later comes the dubbing.