Sena’s jab against Vedanta in “Shabash Shinde”; “deal in exchange for CM post”


According to an editorial by the Shiv Sena published in its publication Saamana, the Vedanta-Foxconn transaction was very simply transferred from Maharashtra to Gujarat after the BJP requested Eknath Shinde’s assistance in becoming the state’s chief minister. “This is our conviction, not an accusation. Eknath Shinde recently approved the Foxconn-Vedanta transaction, much in the same way that Fadnavis moved the world financial centre from Mumbai to Gujarat. They will sell Mumbai as well tomorrow “editorial stated.

“Foxconn is only the start. The Foxconn deal has been straightforward. It is obvious that the BJP informed Shinde that he was appointed chief minister. have given your legislators millions. Now that you had given us access to Maharashtra’s vault, “editorial stated.

The Shiv Sena responded to Raj Thackeray’s call for a thorough investigation into how the deal moved from Maharashtra to Gujarat by saying it was commendable that he raised worry, but the BJP, “his friend,” is to blame. The editorial claimed that Shinde was appointed chief minister in order to halt Maharashtra’s advancement, adding that “all engines of Maharashtra’s development will now take a turn to Gujarat.”

“In Surat and Guwahati, Shinde was reassuring his group of MLAs that there was nothing to be afraid about. “We now have a powerful force supporting us. Whatever we desire, we shall get it. Shinde Shabash You have all you desire, but the youth of Maharashtra have had their career opportunities stolen from them “claimed Shiv Sena.

The harsh editorial was published in the midst of the dispute over the Gujarat-based Vedanta-Foxconn transaction. Following the Vedanta-Foxconn transaction, the Bulk Drug Park project was lost to Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh, according to former Maharashtra minister Aaditya Thackeray on Wednesday. “Along with moving our 40 MLAs to Gujarat, Eknath Shinde also took large projects from Maharashtra. Who is to blame for our state’s loss of 2 lakh billions and 1 lakh job opportunities? “asked Aaditya Thackeray.

Aaditya Thackeray claimed that various messages were being spread to confuse two separate projects as Vedanta chairman Anil Agarwal emphasised that the decision to choose Gujarat was made separately a few months ago. Although Vedanta-Foxconn was started in 2022, the former minister claimed that Foxconn for phone assembly had been signed under a previous administration.