Rishi Kapoor is returning! Neetu Kapoor’s video of herself got popular online



Everyone is congratulating Alia and Ranbir Kapoor when the news of the famous Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy was revealed. On the one hand, Neetu Kapoor, who will soon become a grandmother, is unable to contain her joy, but many of the actress’s fans are also extremely joyful. In the meantime, Farah Khan made this remark to Neetu Kapoor, who would soon become a grandma, and her remarks made headlines.

On social media, a promotional video for “Dance Deewane Juniors” has gone viral. The show’s judge is Neetu Kapoor. The show’s special guest was Farah Khan. Due to this, Farah Khan mentioned something about Alia’s impending child and their relationship with Rishi Kapoor that shocked everyone in the room.

You can see in the video that Karan Kundrra sends Neetu Kapoor his best wishes on Alia’s pregnancy. Neetu Kapoor replies, “Thank you.” There isn’t any news better than that. “I sense Chintu Ji (Rishi Kapoor) is coming,” Farah Khan exclaims at that point. Neetu Kapoor was delighted to hear this as soon as Farah Khan said it. Neetu Kapoor then responds, “Yes.” The Neetu Kapoor and Farah Khan video is quickly becoming popular on social media.