Return of the “Jungle Raj” in Bihar? One day in Patna saw rape, murder, looting, kidnapping, jailbreaks, and extortion


Cases of theft, extortion, rape, murder, and jailbreak have been reported in a single day from Patna and neighbouring districts amid BJP accusations that “Jungle Raj” (lawlessness) is returning to Bihar.

On the same day that incidences of extortion, rape, murder, and jailbreak were reported from adjacent towns, a case of kidnapping was recorded from Patna’s Kankarbagh, and a robbery event was reported from the city’s Income Tax roundabout.

The occurrences occur as Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar deals with accusations from the BJP about the return of “Jungle Raj” (lawlessness) following the election of the Mahagathbandhan (Grand Alliance) government.

Nitish Kumar, the chief minister, had responded to the BJP’s jab last week by saying, “Stray events are not a reflection of the general law and order situation in the state. What is a Jungle Raj? Our government’s first objective has always been preserving law and order. It includes Janta Raj “.



Subhash and hospital manager Ravi Ranjan were abducted from Patna’s Kankarbagh. After learning about the occurrence, police arrived at the scene and started an investigation. The hospital manager was taken hostage in a Swift Dzire automobile, and the kidnappers demanded a ransom of Rs 10 lakh. The three kidnappers from Chapra were apprehended by police with the aid of tower location, and both victims were liberated without incident.


At the Patna income tax roundabout, a robbery was recorded. According to reports, thieves stole Rs 2 lakh from railroad employees. Only 100 metres separated the looting location from Kotwali police station.


On Wednesday, there was a case of extortion in Muzaffarpur where a textile merchant was allegedly forced to pay Rs 1.5 crore. According to reports, extortionists entered a textile merchant’s store brandishing pistols and demanded protection money under threat of violence.

The extortionists demanded the textile trader unlock the closed shop and threatened to kill him if he did not hand over Rs 1.5 crore as protection money. They pretended to be the Muzaffarpur SSP.

Ranjan Kumar, a textile trader, has reported the incident in a FIR.


After escaping her home in the Patna town of Danapur, a young girl was sexually assaulted in a motel. According to reports, the culprit was apprehended by the family and given to the police. At the Danapur police station, a case has been opened in relation to the situation.


Mohammad Afzal, a silk trader from Bhagalpur, was shot and killed by unidentified assailants on Wednesday near KB Lal Road in Nathnagar. An investigation into the situation has been opened by the police.

Locals reportedly became irate when officers took 30 minutes to arrive despite being only 300 metres from a police station where the event occurred.


Three young people broke the lock on their cell’s grill and fled the Children’s Improvement Home in Darbhanga. The Laheriasarai police station received information about the jailbreak from the administrator of the children’s detention facility.

The violence events in and around Patna occur as the state is still reeling from Tuesday’s mass shooting in Begusarai.

According to authorities, two motorcycle-borne gunmen launched on the attack in Begusarai district of Bihar, shooting indiscriminately at people in crowded places, killing one person and gravely injuring 11 others.

On Tuesday night in Malhipur Chowk in Begusarai town, the assailants started shooting, hitting the shops in the crowded area, a police officer said. While shopkeepers left, leaving their shops open, terrified customers began running for their lives.

In Begusarai, Bihar, seven police officers were suspended on Wednesday for neglecting their duties following the incident. The police officers on patrol duty were suspended, according to Additional Director General of Police (HQ) Jitendra Singh Gangwar, since they were unable to stop the two shooters who opened fire in Begusarai on Tuesday.

The two gunmen, who have not yet been named, are being sought after, he claimed. The police officers that were suspended held positions below assistant sub-inspector (ASI).

Begusarai MP and Union Minister Giriraj Singh claimed that everytime a “Mahagathbandan” administration takes office in Bihar, the state of law and order begins to deteriorate. “It is absurd that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar refers to ‘jungle raj’ as ‘janta raj. He is attempting to comply with the demands of the state’s RJD leaders “Singh stated when he arrived in Patna.