Report: 31 percent of Rajya Sabha MPs are charged with crimes


According to a research published by ADR-National Election Watch, 31% of current Rajya Sabha MPs have filed criminal proceedings against themselves, while the average wealth of members of the Upper House is Rs 79.54 crore. 226 out of 233 currently serving MPs have had their criminal, financial, and other background information examined by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch.

One seat in the current Rajya Sabha remains unfilled. Four seats in Jammu and Kashmir are undecided, and two MPs’ affidavits could not be obtained, according to the report.
According to the report, 197 (or 87%) of the 226 members of the Rajya Sabha who are now in office are “crorepatis,” and each of them has an average net worth of Rs 79.54 crore. Of the 226 members of the Rajya Sabha, 71 (31%) have filed criminal charges against themselves, and 37 (16%) have filed serious criminal charges.

Two Rajya Sabha MPs have reported incidents of murder (IPC Section 302), while four MPs have reported cases of attempted murder, according to the report (IPC Section 307). According to the report, K C Venugopal (Congress) of Rajasthan has declared a case linked to rape (IPC Section 376) out of the four Rajya Sabha MPs who have disclosed cases relating to crimes against women.

According to the report, 20 (24%) of the 85 Rajya Sabha members of the BJP, 12 (39%) of the 31 members of the Congress, three (23%) of the 13 members of the AITC, five (83%) of the six members of the RJD, four (80%) of the five members of the CPI(M), three (30%) of the 10 members of the AAP, three (33%) of the nine members of the YSRCP, and two (50%) of the four Raj

According to the report, nine (11%) out of 85 Rajya Sabha MPs from the BJP, eight (26%) out of 31 MPs from the Congress, one (8%) out of 13 MPs from the AITC, three (50%) out of six MPs from the RJD, two (40%) out of five from the CPI (M), one (10) out of ten from the AAP, three (33%) out of nine from the YSRCP, and one (25%) out of

According to the report, seven Rajya Sabha members (23%) out of the 31 from Uttar Pradesh, twelve (63%) out of the 19 from Maharashtra, six (33%) out of the 18 from Tamil Nadu, three (19%) out of the 16 from West Bengal, six (67%) out of the nine from Kerala, and ten (63%) out of the sixteen from Bihar have declared criminal cases against themselves in their affidavits.