Regarding the Agneepath programme, a major initiative will be launched



Lucknow: A significant endeavour in relation to the Agneepath plan will begin after Friday prayers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. In many of the city’s mosques, an appeal will be made to the youth urging them to actively participate in the Agneepath programme. The All India Sunni Ulema Council is starting this effort, which will cover six mosques in the city.

We are appealing to our Muslim young because it will bring discipline to them and they will also acquire work, said Haji Mommad Salees, National President of All India Sunni Ulema Council, in a media interview. We are in talks with several mosques, from which the appeal will be made today, and as a result, their role in serving the nation will grow. We have now built Nanpara Masjid, according to Haji Mommad Salis. After speaking with the imams of a dozen mosques, including Jajmau Masjid and Kalyanpur Masjid, they will make an appeal today. Following this, we will write a letter to 400 mosques in the city requesting that they make an appeal for the promotion of this programme. We want Muslims to participate in the Agneepath programme.

The All India Sunni Council has thousands of members spread out across the nation, and a significant number of Maulana are connected to the council, so this appeal will undoubtedly prove to be a significant endeavour for Agneepath, according to Haji Mommad Salees. Haji Salees has been advocating for Muslim society’s problems at the federal level. The first Sunni lady Shahrqazi in the nation is his daughter Maryam Nawaz.