Records for Ananya Panday Goofy “Process” from Arjun Varain Singh, director of Kho Gaye Hum Kahan


Ananya Panday has had her followers on the edge for her upcoming performance in Kho Gaye Hum Kahan after enthralling them in Gehraiyaan. The actress regularly shares behind-the-scenes photos on her social media account to keep her followers informed as the excitement for the movie grows. In keeping with the trend, the young actress posted a BTS video of Arjun Varain Singh, the director of Kho Gaye Hum Kahan, on her Instagram story on Wednesday. Arjun can be seen drawing on his thighs in the silly video while Ananya is filming without his knowledge.

The camera moves to Arjun’s face while he is speaking to someone while the focus is on his thighs where he is drawing a little cube. The video was uploaded with a monochrome filter and has no audio. Arjun Varain Singh claims it’s part of his “process,” according to Ananya, who captioned the video on her posts with that information and the hashtag Kho Gaye Hum Kahan.

Ananya has previously posted about the movie on her blog. Earlier on June 15, the actress posted a boomerang video of herself to the story in which Ananya could be seen smiling, soaking up the sun, and blinking her eyes. She told her admirers when she released the clip that she had been working all night and would return home at eight in the morning. She also mentioned how much she enjoyed working with her Kho Gaye Hum Kahan family. She said, “Packing up at 8 am never felt so fantastic,” in the video. My Kho Gaye Hum Kahan family is the best.

Arjun, a first-time director, is behind Kho Gaye Hum Kahan, which is supported by Excel Entertainment, which is run by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani. The three young people’s stories and how their lives are interwoven form the basis of the film. Ananya and Siddhant Chaturvedi’s second collaboration, on Kho Gaye Hum Kahan, is for Gehraiyaan. Along with Ananya and Siddhant, Adarsh Gourav of The White Tiger fame plays the lead in the film.