Ration card holders should be excited about the government’s upcoming adjustments



Dehradun: If you also possess a ration card, then exciting news has been revealed. Ration cards are undergoing significant reform from the government. Beneficiaries of ration cards will begin receiving additional benefits following this modification. After the completion of this government-run programme, you won’t need to wait in line for long periods of time to collect food. The State Government has also begun implementing this plan.

To solve the issue of having to wait in line to obtain rations, the same administration has been considering digitising the ration card. A significant statement regarding the digitisation of ration cards was made by the Uttarakhand government. All state ration card holders are expected to obtain digital ration cards by July 2022, according to the government’s plan. Ration card holders will gain a lot of advantages from ration cards being digitalized.

Let us inform you that the Uttarakhand government announced its intention to convert all ration cards to digital format in 2020. While work on this process had already begun, it was unable to be completed due to the coronavirus epidemic that had hit the country in the interim. The Uttarakhand government has resumed working on this programme now that the number of coronavirus infections has decreased. According to this, every ration card bearer in the state would have a digital ration card by the end of July 2022. According to the data, the state has digitised nearly 13 lakh ration cards so far, making it easier for ration card holders to access food. With the introduction of digital ration cards, holders of ration cards can now quickly obtain ration from any government store by using their unit number. In addition, they can also withdraw ration from an ATM. The Uttarakhand government is currently working quickly on this programme; within the next 30 days, the work will be finished.