Rajnath Singh, the defence minister, receives a horse from the president of Mongolia


On Wednesday, the president of Mongolia presented Rajnath Singh with a magnificent horse. This gift comes seven years after Prime Minister Narendra Modi was given a comparable one by this nation’s leaders. Rajnath Singh is the first Indian Defense Minister to visit Mongolia.

“A lovely gift from our most special Mongolian friends. Tejas is the name I gave to this wonderful beauty. President Khurelsukh, thank you. Singh sent a message of gratitude to Mongolia on Wednesday along with images of the white horse.

from our good friends in Mongolia, a lovely present. Tejas is the name I gave to this wonderful beauty.

Tuesday, Singh visited the president of Mongolia, Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh, and discussed their strategic partnership.

Excellent meeting in Ulaanbaatar with H.E. U. Khurelsukh, the president of Mongolia. recalled our last meeting in 2018, when he was the nation’s prime minister. In a tweet, he stated, “We are totally dedicated to further deepening our comprehensive Strategic Partnership with Mongolia.

On his historic visit to this nation in 2015, Prime Minister Modi was given a unique present by his then-Mongolian colleague, Chimed Saikhanbileg: a brown racehorse.

With the purpose of strengthening India’s strategic and defence ties with Mongolia and Japan against the backdrop of a shifting regional security landscape and geopolitical unrest, Defense Minister Singh is travelling to both nations starting on Monday for a five-day trip.

From September 5 to 7, Singh will travel to Mongolia, making it the first time an Indian defence minister has ever visited the country in East Asia.