Rahul Gandhi’s issues are expected to worsen, and the ED will be asking similar inquiries shortly



Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader, is slated to appear before the Enforcement Directorate today in the National Herald case. Rahul Gandhi has just arrived at the Enforcement Directorate. He has entered the ED headquarters, accompanied by Priyanka Gandhi. In the National Herald case, the ED has summoned Rahul Gandhi today, and the Congress is organising large-scale protests in the meanwhile. Congress workers in Jammu and Bengaluru have protested in the thick of it all.

Before going to the ED office, Rahul Gandhi went to the Congress headquarters, where his sister and party general secretary, Priyanka Gandhi, was also present. Rahul Gandhi will appear in the ED office, and he will be accompanied by key party figures, including his sister Priyanka Gandhi. The Delhi Police stopped Rahul Gandhi while he was headed to the ED office on foot. According to estimates, Rahul Gandhi would be asked more than 55 questions. Robert Vadra, Rahul Gandhi’s brother-in-law, has written an emotional tribute to him on Facebook.

What kinds of questions can ED put to Rahul Gandhi?

What role did you play in the AJL?
How did you become acquainted with Young India?
Why did you have Young India shares in your name?
Have you met any previous investors? Why not, if not?
Why did the Congress decide to give Young India a loan?
Why did Congress want the National Herald to be relaunched?
Can you provide specifics on the loans that Congress has approved?
Do you know what assets you have with AJL and National Herald, and what they are?

Three officials will question Rahul Gandhi: – Rahul Gandhi will be questioned by three ED officers. Each of the three will have a distinct role to play. An official with the rank of assistant director will ask Rahul Gandhi a question in this scenario. Rahul’s statement will be typed by the second officer. The third officer will have the position of Deputy Director. He’ll be in charge of the queries posed to Rahul.

When ED asks someone a question like this, he first takes an oath. In which it is stated that whatever someone has said is true. A similar oath will be administered to Rahul. Rahul would have to respond in writing to any questions posed to him. The responses will then be read to Rahul, and Rahul will sign the document. These replies will then be typed, and Rahul’s signs will be placed on it.