Rahul Gandhi asks the Center throughout the Bharat Jodo Yatra about the “42% of youth unemployment”


Rahul Gandhi again posed a query to the Centre on Saturday, a day after claiming that the Congress’ “Bharat Jodo Yatra” was intended to “correct the damage done by the BJP and the RSS” to the nation. His latest assault coincides with political mudslinging around the grand old party’s mass contact campaign, which tries to regain the party’s lost electoral foothold. Rahul Gandhi posted a photo along with the statement, “42% of our youth are unemployed,” along with the phrase, “We walk for them all. We walk for jobs.”

The former head of the Congress party cited “unemployment” and “inflation” as the two major problems facing the nation on Friday while blaming the BJP-led federal government. India must go to the past in order to get a vision from the past since nothing from the past can help you in the future. This is why India needs a vision for itself right now.

He had lashed out at the opposition party, saying, “India now faces a bankruptcy of vision for what the future of our country should be. We are for corporate India. We are against the idea of massive monopolies. We are against unfairness, be it against farmers or MSMEs. We will act to ensure fairness prevails.”

The party plans to travel 3,570 kilometres on foot in order to pass through 12 states and two union territories. The BJP has been harshly criticising the Congress while the grand old party works to strengthen its grassroots connections.

BJP officials have been making controversial statements that have drawn criticism, ranging from asserting that India does not need a “Bharat Jodo” yatra to requesting Rahul Gandhi to visit Pakistan and alleging that he was seen wearing a $41,000 t-shirt.