Rahul Dev sobs as he remembers parenting his son by himself after the passing of his wife Rina Dev: “In movies, it seems simple,”


Rahul Dev has talked about the suffering and challenges he had being a father who is also a widower. After the passing of his wife Rina Dev in 2009, the actor raised his kid Siddharth Dev alone. Before Rina passed away from cancer, they had been together for about 18 years and were married for 11 of those years.

Rahul revealed in a recent interview that he frequently felt uneasy while attempting to be both his son’s mother and father. He added that widowhood is not as simple as it is depicted in movies.

According to the actor, Connect FM Canada “Parenting is incredibly difficult. Women play a significant role in raising children because of the way they comprehend them—likely because it comes naturally to them. I made a lot of attempts to maintain the same level of patience they do with kids, but there were occasions when I would lose my composure. I had to try to be both a parent and a mother. I mostly saw mothers at parent-teacher conferences at my child’s school. Rarely did I encounter a person without his wife being present. I would experience a profound sense of insecurity at that moment. Where are the men, I’d like to know.”

Added he, “It hurts a lot. I don’t want to think back on a lot of stuff. I would not want many of those things to happen to anyone. Films make it seem simple since they frequently depict how someone became a widower. However, starting over is not at all simple.”

Rahul also discussed his connection with Mugdha Godse, saying that he believed it was wrong for her to date the actor-model given their 14-year age difference. Over eight years have passed since Rahul and Mugdha started dating. His next appearance will be in the Kannada film Kabzaa, which also stars Upendra, Shriya Saran, and Kiccha Sudeep.