Producer Firoz Nadiadwala confirms that Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, and Paresh Rawal will appear in Hera Pheri 3


The third instalment of the renowned comedy-drama Hera Pheri, starring Akshay Kumar, Suneel Shetty, and Paresh Rawal, is about to begin. In a recent interview, producer Firoz Nadiadwala indicated that Hera Pheri 3 would feature the original cast in addition to confirming that it was now in production.

You will soon be able to watch it with the same cast of Akshay Ji, Paresh Ji, and Suniel Ji. We are working on certain modalities, and the tale is already in place. It will be produced in the same manner while maintaining the characters’ youth. Past successes cannot be taken for granted. As a result, we must take extra care with our material, story, screenplay, characters, mannerism, etc., he told Bollywood Hungama.

Phir Hera Pheri was released in 2006 after Hera Pheri in 2000. Due to their excellent performances and witty scripts, both movies have succeeded in becoming cult classics over the years.

The producer made a few vague comments, although he did suggest that they had already shortlisted a filmmaker for the subsequent sequel. We are conversing. The announcement will be made soon, according to Nadiadwala.

Priyadarshan directed the first film, and the late Neeraj Vora wrote and directed the follow-up. Raaj Shaandilya, who directed Dream Girl, is reportedly in talks to direct Hera Pheri 3, however Firoz Nadiadwala says such rumour is unfounded. He also said that although the crew had begun working on Hera Phera 3 in 2014, it was forced to halt production when Neeraj Vora became ill. But there will be a lot of story and character changes in the new movie.

With Hera Pheri, Firoz Nadiadwala also appeared confident that he can establish a franchise with high-grossing movies. “Maintaining at the box office is crucial,” he remarked. And everything crumbles the moment you take it for granted. We’re hoping that, with God’s help, we can produce additional components like Hera Pheri 4, Hera Pheri 5, etc. And it ought to be superior to the preceding portions. We anticipate that a new movie will be released every 15 months. Isn’t that the way the West does things? Why don’t we get a new Spider-Man or Bond movie soon after the last one hits theatres?