Priyanka’s remarks regarding the topic of immigration to the US



Priyanka Chopra is a Hollywood and Bollywood actress who has established herself as a global icon. After her marriage to Nick Jonas, Priyanka relocated abroad and is now engaged in Hollywood endeavours. Additionally, he has left the odour of his nation on foreign territory. Additionally, she recently founded Sona, a restaurant in New York. But it’s not believed to be simple for them to emigrate and establish themselves abroad. Priyanka Chopra recently discussed what it means to be an immigrant in the US and her experiences living there.

Priyanka Chopra recently stated, “Making America your second home after moving from India was incredibly difficult. However, my journey took me to a location where I could locate my other family and friends. In everything I brought, there is a little bit of India. There is a hint of an Indian in everything I do. Priyanka has continued to make the point that Indian culture is respected for its authenticity. Additionally, it’s about fostering community and interpersonal connections. It also discussed how to turn a structure into a house. As a migrant, it also means a lot to me. I found you here after leaving my roots behind. These are the people I choose to be my family and friends. Priyanka remarked when discussing settling down in the US, “This is my adopted nation, and I’m working to make it easier for Americans to experience the culture I was born in.

Regarding Priyanka Chopra’s career, the actress recently wrapped up filming for the Rousseau Brothers television series “Citadel.” She will appear on TV alongside Richard Madden of “Game of Thrones” fame in this season. Additionally, Priyanka will soon make a Bollywood comeback with the movie “Ji Le Zara.”