Prashant Kishor’s point-by-point response to Nitish Kumar’s “Let 12 Months Pass”


One incisive remark at a time, Prashant Kishor and Nitish Kumar are at it again. On Thursday, the Bihar chief minister remarked, “Does he know the ABC of what has transpired since 2005?” The poll strategist responded forcefully. During his visit to Delhi, Nitish Kumar responded to criticism of the state government made by a former party member.

“Allow a year to pass…

Who knows ABC and who knows XYZ, we would then inquire? During a press conference, Kishor, who was fired from the JD(U) in 2020, said.

The expert election strategist tweeted a post with images of Nitish Kumar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier in the day, but quickly erased it. In Bihar, Kumar severed relations with the BJP last month and joined the Grand Alliance, often known as the Mahagathbandhan. Despite his party having a paltry number of assembly members, he was sworn in as the state’s chief minister for the eighth time.

Kishor’s tweet, which was removed from the internet less than an hour after it was published, was perceived as a response to the JD(U) leader’s assertion that the politician-poll strategist, who is credited with many recent historic poll victories, was likely criticising his administration because “it’s possible he wants to help BJP.” Kishor responded, “He was with the BJP till last month. We will agree if you fulfil your pledge to create 10 lakh jobs. God is above, and you are on earth.

“Perhaps we don’t understand ABC; you are the expert. You can explain what has been accomplished to the NITI Aayog… residents of the state. Nearly 8 crore of the state’s 13 crore residents live in poverty, earning less than $100 per day. Why don’t you let them know when their wages will rise?”

Since joining the Grand Alliance again, Nitish Kumar is seen as a key player in the opposition’s unification in preparation for the elections in 2024.