Poonam Pandey Facing Troll Attacks Over Her New Look


Poonam Pandey understands how to show off her personal style while looking her finest. Everywhere Poonam walks, she grabs attention for her appearance. The Aa Gaya Hero actress was recently photographed wearing a white crop top. She also wore chic pants with it. The appearance, however, failed to impress online users. She was repeatedly harassed, and many people wrote offensive comments about her.

Poonam can be seen mingling with fans and photographers in an Instagram video. She even allowed the admirers to take a few pictures of her as a courtesy. Poonam was also observed joking around with a photographer. When one of the photographers complimented the actress from Nasha, she blushed. Despite the love that photographers and fans have offered Poonam, many have harshly criticised her appearance.

According to one commenter, Poonam is only wearing these costumes to stand out in the market. Another complained that she was promoting obscenity by wearing these clothes. A fan stepped in and requested that everyone focus on their work. This admirer opined that if people were so bothered by profanity, they ought just avoid watching Poonam’s videos. More than a lakh people liked the Instagram reel.

Poonam has been made fun of before for her clothing choices. She was seen wearing a black bodysuit the previous year. She is dressed elegantly for Christmas, according to the caption that was added to the photo. The outfit was widely criticised for not being at all elegant. Poonam is engaging in similar tricks, according to a different Instagram user, in order to get popularity. Many people also attacked the actress for following COVID guidelines and not donning a mask. Her films received criticism as well.

Poonam continues to work on her upcoming projects while remaining worried despite the persistent abuse. She appears in the movie Touch the Fire. Touch the Fire, which Kevin Karp is directing, is now in pre-production.