PM Modi’s advice to the party: Speak up for the underprivileged in all communities


Sources told The Indian Express that Prime Minister Narendra Modi requested leaders at the party’s national executive meeting, which ended on Sunday, to reach out to “deprived and downtrodden sections” in communities other than Hindus, as the BJP looks to votebanks and regions where it has not been able to make any significant inroads or electoral gains.

He claimed that other communities likewise have areas that are impoverished and oppressed. He emphasised that instead of focusing just on Hindus, we should fight for all of these underprivileged populations,” a BJP leader recalled Modi saying during conversations over the weekend.

Days after the BJP defeated the SP in two crucial UP constituencies where Muslim voters have a significant impact—Azamgarh and Rampur—Modi gave the party instructions.

According to BJP sources, the statement was intended to encourage the party to engage with groups like the Pasmanda Muslims in UP and Bihar. Danish Azad, a Pasmanda leader, was appointed to the Yogi Adityanath-led cabinet two months after the BJP regained control in UP.

The party leader quoted Modi’s comments and stated, “The BJP had made attempts to reach out to the community in the past, and the party has evaluated that the group’s votes backed the BJP in the recent by-elections.”

Modi had made a similar appeal to the general secretaries of the party in 2021, urging them to maintain the Christian population on their side in Kerala, where the party had struggled to make major electoral inroads.

Amit Shah, the union home minister, proposed the party’s political resolution, stating that “India will advance to become the vishwaguru (global leader) when the politics of appeasement, dynasty, and casteism end.”

When questioned afterwards about whether Modi had offered any ideas during the debate over the resolution, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma responded, “The Prime Minister spoke and made different comments during the discussion. He made recommendations for how to spur growth in the Northeast. He also discussed the need of BJP members spreading the word about Droupadi Murmu, our presidential candidate, to the general public. This includes telling people about her simplicity and modest upbringing, as well as her challenges. At several points during the conversation, he offered advise.

When Gujarati leaders mentioned the tactics used by the state unit, according to party sources, Modi requested that the conclave replicate this approach, in which the leadership would concentrate on one district for a day while covering the entire state.