PM Modi shares five reasons why India is the land of opportunity in the biotech sector


Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the Biotech Startup Expo on Thursday in New Delhi. PM Modi addressed the crowd, saying that the Biotech Startup Expo reflects the expansion of India’s biotech sector. India’s bio-economy has increased eightfold in the last eight years. From $10 billion to $80 billion, we’ve come a long way.

Prime Minister Modi stated, “Our IT experts’ worldwide confidence in their abilities and inventiveness has reached new heights. This is the perception, and this is the reputation, that India’s biotech sector and bio-professionals have developed over the last decade. India is being viewed as a nation of opportunity in the realm of biotechnology, according to Prime Minister Modi. He also provided five important justifications for this. “The first reason is India’s diverse population and climatic zones; the second is India’s talented human capital pool; the third is India’s increasing efforts to make doing business easier; the fourth is India’s growing demand for bio-products; and the fifth reason is your track record of success in India’s biotech sector.”

PM Modi went on to say that the biotech sector has benefited from all of the efforts taken over the years under the Atal Innovation Mission, Make in India, and Self-Reliant India campaigns. The number of people investing in our biotech startups has surged by 9 times since the beginning of Startup India. In 2014, our country had only six bio-incubators; today, there are 75. Eight years ago, there were just ten biotech goods in the country; today, there are over 700.