‘People Should Not Believe In All These Things…’ says Aashram star Anuritta Jha about superstitions and babas


Anurag Kashyap’s cinematic gem Gangs of Wasseypur launched actor Anuritta Jha’s career in Bollywood. There has been no turning back for her since that role. The actress, who starred in the National Award-winning film Mithila Makhan, is gaining attention for her performance in the online series Aashram, which stars Bobby Deol. In the Prakash Jha-directed film, the actress plays Kavita. The actor talked about her character and why people shouldn’t believe in superstitions in an interview with News18.com.

We questioned Anuritta if she believes in superstitions and babas because Aashram is loosely based on them, and she answered, “I don’t think it should be believed in.” A person’s intellect should be balanced. Everyone has hardships at some point in their lives. However, it is critical to emerge through it with confidence in yourself. There are some things you can’t control, but putting your faith in someone else to help you isn’t one of them. Rather of mindlessly trusting someone, I believe that one must return to one’s own self and strive for it, figuring out ways to accomplish so. It also depends on their upbringing, family, and society; for example, if they live in a tiny town where these are the only topics discussed, it is unavoidable. People should not believe everything they hear; instead, I recommend that they try it for themselves and then make a decision.

Anuritta is shown in Aashram 3 performing an intimate moment, which the actress admitted was tough for her to execute because it was her first. “The bold moment was stressful, and it was my first time doing an intimate scene like that,” she explained. As a result, it was my first time, and I was a little nervous. But, once again, it’s Prakash Jha sir, and it’s because it’s part of the screenplay and the trip, and it gives Kavita hope. Hope for her life and a path out of everything she’s witnessed because she hasn’t had one so far. She’s oppressed, humiliated, and terrified. As a result, almost every girl has a desire to be liked. Jha sir shot them really skillfully and aesthetically because they were a part of the plot.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any scenes with Bobby Sir,” the actress stated when questioned about her experience working with Bobby Deol. I would have loved to have collaborated with him. ‘Jap naam,’ I was just standing behind him, saying. Apart than that, I think he’s a wonderful person and a brilliant performer. It takes a lot of courage for a star like him to play a baba. He’s done a fantastic job. We all enjoy being in his company. He is the celebrity we have known since we were children. It was just nice, and working with him was always a pleasure.”

Anuritta spoke about her experience working on OTT platforms and how useful they are to actresses. She claims that the content on OTT platforms is now so good that “actors like me” have “options and may choose from the roles we want to do.” As a result, it made life a little simpler. Aashram was a huge opportunity for me. Prakash Jha is also a filmmaker with whom every actor in the business want to collaborate. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small name, a big name, a new name, or a fresher name. So, I’m glad I did it,” Anuritta continued.

The Helmet actress shot to recognition with a brief appearance in Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur in 2012. In the criminal drama, she played Vineet Kumar Singh’s onscreen wife Shama Parveen. When asked about her first time in front of the camera, the actress revealed that she was about to cry because the film’s crew played a joke on her on her first day of shooting.

“The first scene I had was the first night after my wedding with Vineet Kumar,” Anuritta explained. This was the very first scenario that I had to perform. And they (the film’s crew) played a joke on me. They told me on set that it’s now going to be a kissing scene. So, I was terrified and on the verge of crying because this was my first film. And I hadn’t even begun my career as an actress; at the time, I was a model who auditioned and worked my way into it. They then warned Anurag (Kashyap) that if he left her, she would cry. So everyone played a joke on me, and then I questioned them all, “What is this?” I was on the verge of crying on the first day, (laughs), and then the scenario went smoothly. After that, it was a lot easier to shoot.”

The first two seasons of the series, produced and directed by Prakash Jha, were already a huge hit. On June 3, Ek Badnaam Aashram 3 launched on MX Player.