Owaisi’s major claim: “No difference between BJP-Congress in the entire country”



Asaduddin Owaisi, the leader of AIMIM, compared the BJP and the Congress to Ram and Shyam in Bhopal. Speaking to the populace in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal, he remarked, “Remember that Congress would not assist you if that is what you believe it will do. In the entire nation, there is no distinction between the BJP and the Congress. This is Ram and Shyam’s duo. These represent the two sides of a coin.

When Kamal Nath was the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh and 20 MLAs from the Congress quit the party and joined the BJP, Owaisi said in response to the Congress branding him a member of the BJP’s B team. Did he become chief minister by consuming gulab jamun from Owaisi’s hands? Tell Kamal Nath, he continued, that your party’s members sold their consciences and joined the BJP. Your MLA joined the BJP and betrayed the people of Madhya Pradesh. However, Congress lacks the guts to accuse Modi-Shah of anything. These people claim that I have come to steal votes, but I have actually come to assert my rights.

In his remarks to the populace in Bhopal, Owaisi said: “I’m pleading with you to advance democracy and take charge. I don’t have any faith in my life or anyone else’s. My automobile has received 6 bullet wounds. Death is not something I fear. Let us know that Owaisi is currently using all of his strength to support AIMIM in the municipal elections in Madhya Pradesh.