‘Only 3 days of petrol remaining in this state,’ says a police officer, who is visibly distressed by the crowd



Dehradun: A recent news item circulating in Uttarakhand claims that there are just three days of petrol left, so fill it up immediately.”

What is the source of this rumour in the state? At the gas station, there was a large line of people. In several locations, including Dehradun, Haridwar, and Roorkee, there was an unexpectedly huge line at petrol pumps on Monday night. The gathering grew so large as a result of a rumour that there was a traffic bottleneck, and the police were called to deal with the situation.

In truth, there was a petrol shortage at some petrol stations in Dehradun, the state capital, and nearby cities. Meanwhile, on Monday, the statement that only 3 days of petrol are left in Uttarakhand went popular on social media. People believed the rumour, and there was a line at the gas station in the afternoon. The line became longer at night, and there was a traffic jam.

As a result, the Uttarakhand Police Force was forced to take up the front on its own, and the task of persuading the public began. The video was released by the Dehradun SSP, who appealed to the public and stated that there is no shortage of petrol in the state. Even still, many people were not convinced, and he stood in line until his tank was empty. According to reports, the supply of petrol and diesel at Hindustan Petroleum pumps was halted for three days, however due to a rumour, people waited up late at night to fill petrol and diesel at Indian Oil and Bharat Petroleum pumps. When the cops saw the situation was out of hand, they had no choice but to step in. On the subject, the Dehradun Police urged residents to maintain peace and religious harmony in the current situation, not to believe any rumours, and to immediately report any information received about rumour mongers via social media or other means to the police control room or your nearest police station.”