On the verge of being bulldozed: cops compile a list of 85 major suspects


EVEN The district police are sending the names of 85 major suspects in the protests over words attacking the Prophet to the civic authorities to look for irregularities, as the demolition of activist Mohammad Javed’s house in Prayagraj has raised issues about violations of due process.

Officials from the city stated they have already received a list of 37 suspects and have launched the investigation.

Meanwhile, the police action has sparked panic among residents, who believe it is a precursor to additional demolition warnings.

Prayagraj SSP Ajay Kumar told Reporter that the police are transferring the names of all apprehended suspects to the Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA).

So far, 92 people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the protests, including seven kids. The identities of 85 of those apprehended who are not children are being provided to the PDA, according to SSP Kumar. Minors are being sent to juvenile detention centres.

The PDA has already begun gathering property information on 37 of those arrested. “We are doing a survey of 37 accused’s properties, including houses and shops. If a building is discovered to be constructed without permission, legal action will be taken. Authorities furnished me with a list of 37 suspects,” said PDA zonal officer Ajay Kumar.

According to the Uttar Pradesh Police Department, 333 persons were arrested across the state in connection with the June 10 rallies.