On the Rajya Sabha elections, I voted for Congress because I love it, said a JD(S) MLA


In the Rajya Sabha elections, K Srinivasa Gowda, a JD(S) MLA from Kolar, told reporters on Friday that he voted for the Congress party. This comes after party chief H D Kumaraswamy said that Congress leader Siddaramaiah had told JD(S) MLAs to vote for the grand old party rather than their own party.

Gowda stated, “I voted for Congress because I adore it.”

S R Srinivas, a JD(S) MLA from Gubbi, voted for Congress alongside Gowda.

The Congress has 70 MLAs in the 224-seat Karnataka Assembly, while the BJP has 121 and the JD(S) has 32. The ruling BJP is expected to win two of the four seats, while the Congress is expected to win one. The fourth seat, on the other hand, is proving to be vital, with both the Congress and the BJP fielding additional candidates. Former environment minister Jairam Ramesh and Mansoor Ali Khan are running for the Congress. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, actor Jaggesh, and Karnataka MLC Lahar Singh Siroya are the BJP’s candidates. D Kupendra Reddy, a real estate magnate, is the JD(S) contender.

On Thursday, Siddaramaiah posted a letter to JD(S) MLAs on Twitter, urging them to support the Congress candidate, while Kumaraswamy tweeted, urging the Congress to back the JD(S) candidate in order to beat the BJP.

Speaking to reporters on Friday morning, Kumaraswamy accused Siddaramaiah of “horse-trading.” “He (Siddaramaiah) told the local media today that he didn’t write to my MLAs,” he said. From his social media account, he had even tweeted the letter. He’s now disputing what he said the day before. ANI cited Kumaraswamy as stating, “This demonstrates his double standards.”