Numerous responses rushed in after Vivek Agnihotri tweeted about Nupur Sharma and the SC



New Delhi: Following the Supreme Court’s criticism of BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s statement, filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri’s tweet has gained attention. Vivek spoke in sign language without mentioning anyone by name. Social media users have been responding to Vivek’s tweet a lot.

Vivek declared in a tweet that “victim shaming is legal now.” Users responded to this tweet with comments. “The Supreme Court should reject the other sort as well, since harsh remarks have been shouted from the opposite side as well,” one user wrote. It can’t be only one way. There won’t be any country in the world for Hindus, there will be no option at all, according to a different user, “With this over-active judiciary and inert government.”

According to one user, “Even if the government is theirs, the system is ours, this thing has been proved today on Nupur Sharma’s verdict, it is extremely sad, and it is affecting the future of our country, where the Hindus hope and their lives have no meaning. Furthermore, they lack the freedom to protest for their approval. a fantastic combo. “The Supreme Court’s comment is extremely irresponsible and disgraceful,” Amit Saraf wrote. If what Nupur Sharma said indeed occurred, then who was behind the events that took place in Kashmir 32 years ago today?

“This Supreme Court is not a God,” observed Sachin Chauhan, “then is it all that is responsible for Nupur Sharma in a world where heads are being chopped off in the name of Islamic terrorism.” “If he continually names the Shivling a private part, then listen silently, else walk elsewhere, even if he annoys her, do not say anything,” another user said. They will kill you if you speak up, and the court will charge you with murder for “speaking.”

Let us know that Nupur Sharma has received criticism from the Supreme Court for making debatable remarks on the Prophet Muhammad. Additionally, it is said that Nupur was to blame for the Udaipur event. In truth, Nupur had requested, for security reasons, that her case be moved to Delhi. Nupur Sharma was censured by a panel of justices led by Surya Kant and JB Pardiwala for his comments on the Prophet Mohammed. The bench ruled that she was to blame for spoiling the mood of the entire nation and that Nupur should apologise to everyone on television. The court had been asked by Nupur to provide security for her. The court stated that although she is not in danger as a result of this, the entire nation is.