‘No One Flirts With Me,’ Disha Patani said when she revealed that no guys ever found her attractive


Disha Patani is one of Bollywood’s sexiest divas. Her chiselled body is quite admirable. Disha revealed in a 2019 interview that no man has ever told her she is attractive or flirted with her since she was a child. “No male has ever come up to me and said they think I’m hot in my entire life.” “No one flirts with me; they’ve never even tried,” she told DNA India.

Disha dismissed the idea that the males were afraid of her by admitting that she was a tomboy when she was younger. Her father reared her as a guy, according to the actor. Disha kept her hair short until she was in ninth school. “I didn’t start growing my hair until I was in the tenth grade. I, too, was an introvert. “At school, I was a quiet student who sat on the last bench,” she explained.

Disha also responded to Salman Khan’s compliments during the conversation. Bharat and Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai are the two films in which Disha and Salman collaborated. Salman described Disha as “beautiful” and “hardworking” in an interview. “Oh, he did, didn’t he?” Why don’t more people come up to me and say something like this?” Disha remarked.

The actor complimented him on his kindness, saying it was very lovely of him to say such a thing. Disha stated that she has seen a lot of individuals approaching Salman for various reasons, and the superstar has never turned anyone down. Disha described how, during the production, Salman would always call for food from his home and feed all of them, stating that he is a “family-oriented person.”