Nirmala Sitharaman discusses her college years in Tamil Nadu and explains why she speaks Hindi with the sankoch accent


At an event hosted by the Hindi Vivek Magazine on Thursday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman spoke to the audience in Hindi. She admitted that doing so gave her “shivers.” She remarked, “I speak Hindi with a lot of’sankoch,'” adding that learning a new language after maturity is challenging. She claimed that she learned Telugu, the mother tongue of his husband, but not Hindi. She nonetheless continued her 35-minute Hindi address during which she criticised the 1991 economic reforms and referred to them as “aadhe-adhure.”

She remembered the scenario in Tamil Nadu during the time she was in college while speaking in Hindi. According to her, there were tense demonstrations against Hindi in the state. Even though they were excellent students, she claimed that the state government did not consider students who chose Hindi or Sanskrit as their second language eligible for scholarships.

This occurred the day after Hindi Diwas, which Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Stalin opposed and suggested that the Center celebrate Indian Languages Day in its instead. According to Stalin, India is renowned for its integrity, hence any attempts to split the nation in the name of “Hindia” must be rejected.

Nirmala Sitharaman discussed the economy in her address in Hindi and asserted that until Atal Bihari Vajpayee was appointed prime minister, no progress had been made. The corrupt UPA government lost control for an additional ten years, prioritising personal wealth at the expense of the interests of the nation, according to the finance minister, who also noted how Modi started important, ground-breaking reforms like the direct benefit transfer programme.